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Nikken Yuxing No. 3 fountain solution
Nikken Yuxing No. 3 fountain solution
Nikken Yuxing No. 3 fountain solution
Product Name:Nikken Yuxing No. 3 fountain solution
Product Code:RBY-001
Nikken Yuxing No. 3 fountain solution (for single sheet offset printing and web printing)
Specification: 20L/barrel
 Features of Nikken Yuxing No. 3 fountain solution:
 1. Using continuous water supply machine to realize alcohol-free printing.
 2. Control over emulsification of ink. Maintain stable printing.
 3. Special agents are selected, which can print from weakly acidic area to neutral area (PH value 4.5-8.5).
 4. It is opened into a thin and uniform water film, with clear dots, good reducibility, and high-density coloring power can be reproduced when full-page printing.
 5. Even when using SOY ink (soy ink), UV ink for printing, it can also exert its superior printing effect.
 6. Because it is a non-phosphorus type fountain solution, the platinum in the drying part of the rotary machine will not deteriorate.
 Concentration management method
 When using this product, the correct management of concentration is essential. The most suitable concentration of this product is 1-2.5%. If the PH value management or conductivity management method is selected, the pH value and conductivity parameters will fluctuate due to the continuous mixing of ink carbonic acid, paper powder, powder spray, etc. in the circulating water tank. Excessive addition of the fountain solution causes excessive emulsification of the ink, making it difficult to add the correct concentration of fountain solution. Sometimes it is not possible to manage the pH value and conductivity due to the use of groundwater or tap water in some areas, it is recommended to use the method of quantitatively adding this product without considering external influences for the most convenient concentration management.
 1. The supply of fountain solution should be managed quantitatively.
 2. Since the water supply is different from other fountain solutions, the minimum water supply should be confirmed before printing.
 3. Please do not stain the original liquid on the graphic part of the printing plate.
Alcohol concentration(% )
Yuxing No. 3 fountain solution concentration (%)
Rotary machine
Sheet machine
1.5-2.5 *1
*1: In order to improve water supply efficiency, different models need to use [1.5-2.5% Yuxing Additive].