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Paper protector
Paper protector
Paper protector
Product Name:Paper protector
Product Code:QTL-22
[Silica gel-free type] anti-static agent used on offset printing web machines. High security, improve printing quality, reduce damaged paper and reduce costs.
1. Provide paper with proper moisture to prevent paper wrinkles, cracks, and paper jams caused by origami.
2. Because it does not contain silica gel, it will not degrade the platinum of the deodorizing catalyst device, thereby extending the replacement life.
3. It is easy to decompose in water and will not cause precipitation in the box and blockage of pipes.
Dilute the paper protectant stock solution with water to a concentration of 2~5% before use. In addition, according to the paper you are using, the setting temperature of the paper surface, the folding speed and other conditions, moderate adjustment of the dilution density can achieve better results.
Note on use:
Be sure to tighten the lid for storage after use.
The paper protector series are emulsions with higher safety, but if they stick to the skin, they should be washed thoroughly with soap.