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Protec protective cream
Protec protective cream
Protec protective cream
Product Name:Protec protective cream
Product Code:QTL-20
A unique product for industrial skin protection-Protec
Enter China
   Printing industry personnel are often exposed to chemicals such as inks, cleaning agents, chemical agents, etc., which will damage our tender skin for a long time. Many operators suffer from skin allergies, dry skin and other problems.
Protec, a skin protection product imported from Japan now
   will help people in the printing industry get rid of the trouble of skin damage. It can protect the skin from the symptoms of dry, cracked, rough and cracked skin caused by long-term stimulation of various external factors. Protec waterproofing, anti-bacterial, isolating acid and alkali and other chemicals, each time provides about 3-4 hours of isolation and protection.
What is Protec
Protec (Invisible Gloves) is a water-resistant protective isolation cream, which can strengthen the skin's defense ability and resist the effects of wetting and soaking in occupation or life. Protec does not contain fragrance, Lanolin and silicon compounds are harmful to health. It is non-sense, tasteless, mild and non-greasy. It is a full-function industrial skin protection product.
 1. Effectively isolate and protect chemicals such as acids, alkalis, organic solvents, detergents, etc., from damage to hands and skin, and remove bacteria.
 2. Infiltrate the stratum corneum of the skin, resist external erosion and strengthen the protective ability of keratinocytes.
 3. Does not contain harmful ingredients.
 4. The protection effect can be maintained for three to four hours.
 1. Please wash the application part with soap and water, and wipe it with a towel.
 2. Take an appropriate amount of protective cream (0.5g) and rub each other for two to three minutes, and apply evenly.
 3. This product can last for 3-4 hours. After washing with water, please apply again.
 4. Please close the cap tightly after use.