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Nikken Ink Film Inhibitor
Nikken Ink Film Inhibitor
Nikken Ink Film Inhibitor
Product Name:Nikken Ink Film Inhibitor
Product Code:QTL-15
Niken ink film inhibitor NON SKIN SOL-E
Ink film inhibitor is a "new generation" ink film inhibitor designed according to the new formula.
The main ingredient uses soybean oil, which is an "environmentally friendly" product.
Specification: 420ml*10/box, 30 boxes
  Features of Nikken Ink Film Inhibitor:
  1. This product is designed to prevent the sebum from drying out for 48 hours. It is generally used at the end of printing and at rest. It only needs to be sprayed evenly during use.
  2. Even if it is sprayed a little more, it will have less effect on the properties of the ink, and it is not easy to change the color tone and poor drying.
  3. It can effectively prevent the drying of the remaining ink in the ink fountain and ink tank.
  1. Please use it after printing and during breaks. Please spray evenly and adjust the amount of spray according to the length of the downtime.
  2. Please adjust the spray volume according to the size of the machine.
  3. When the amount of spray is too much, please fully stir the ink in the ink fountain.
  Do not spray at the human body.
  This product is flammable, please do not use it near fireworks.
  Please store at 40°C.
  Do not throw the empty can into the fire after use.