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NJ series non-absorbent ink
NJ series non-absorbent ink
NJ series non-absorbent ink
Product Name:NJ series non-absorbent ink
Product Code:OPI-01
NEW JET ink is a non-absorbent ink, suitable for printing on film, synthetic paper, gold and silver cardboard and other printed matter. It is a researched and developed ink with very good adhesion.
  Features of NJ series ink:
  1. It has good adhesion to non-absorbent paper.
  2. Excellent weather resistance.
  3. Very suitable for offset printing. (Also suitable for letterpress printing)
  4. Dry quickly. (Different materials require different drying time)
  5. As the three primary colors, please use 22 yellow, 43 red, 67 blue, and 93 black.
Adhesion to printed body:
Peel strength with cellophane tape
Scratch strength with fingers
Aluminum foil
Hard chlorinated ethylene
Soft aluminum chloride
Polyethylene (untreated)
Polyethylene (treatment)
Polypropylene glycol (untreated)
Polypropylene glycol (treatment)
Synthetic paper