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Nikken UV Ink Cleaner
Nikken UV Ink Cleaner
Nikken UV Ink Cleaner
Product Name:Nikken UV Ink Cleaner
Product Code:JBY-02
Nikken UV Ink Cleaner
A high-quality lithographic cleaning solution suitable for UV ink printing.
Specification: 1L*6/box
  Features of Nikken UV Ink Cleaner:
  1. Forcefully remove all (scratches, dirt, oxidized dirt) produced on printing.
  2. Strongly make the non-image part not sensitive to fat and form an excellent hydrophilic film.
  3. While quickly cleaning the UV ink, it also improves the grease sensitivity of the image part.
  4. UV inks that are hard to remove by the usual cleaning solution, such as the hardened UV ink to some extent, can be removed easily.
  *It can be used for UV PS plate ink cleaning, poor inking, and non-sensitivity of non-image parts.
  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Dip an appropriate amount with water-soaked sponge, gently wipe the layout, and start printing after removing dirt. (When used in large quantities, start printing after washing.)
  3. Be sure to close the cap tightly after use.