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Nikken Water Cots Cleaner
Nikken Water Cots Cleaner
Nikken Water Cots Cleaner
Product Name:Nikken Water Cots Cleaner
Product Code:SJG-01
Nikken Water Cots Cleaner
It is a special cleaning agent for water rubber roller in continuous water supply system. Has cleaning and hydrophilic effects.
Specification: 1L*12/box
  Features of Riken Water Cot Cleaner:
  1. Completely remove the dirt of the rubber roller, form a strong hydrophilic water film, and maintain a uniform thin water film on the rubber roller for a long time.
  2. No impact on rubber quality.
  3. In the cleaning operation, the most suitable drying speed is used to improve the operation efficiency. In addition, the cleaning effect is not reduced even in the state of containing moisture.
  1. Dip an appropriate amount of this liquid with a cotton cloth or sponge, and wipe off the dirt on the rubber roller evenly. (It can also be used for cleaning water supply metal rollers.)
  2. After the agent is dried on the rubber roller, printing can begin.
  1. Because this product may stain the printing plate, be careful not to spill it on the printing plate. When spilled, wash it immediately.
  2. It is volatile, so the cap must be tightly closed after use.