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Nikken blanket recovery cleaning agent
Nikken blanket recovery cleaning agent
Nikken blanket recovery cleaning agent
Product Name:Nikken blanket recovery cleaning agent
Product Code:QXL-024
Niken Blanket Recovery Cleaner CLEAN UP
It quickly penetrates into the deep part of the blanket to restore the elasticity of the rubber surface layer. At the same time, it uses strong cleaning power to remove stubborn ink dirt.
Specification: 1L×12/box
Can not be used to clean aluminum materials. (When used in large quantities, the room should have good ventilation.) It is volatile, so be sure to close the cap tightly after use.
Nikken blanket reply cleaning agent specialty:
1. Restore the ink transferability of the rubber surface layer in a short time.
2. It has strong cleaning power and fast drying, which improves the operability.
3. Instantly penetrate into the rubber surface layer that has lost its elasticity to restore elasticity and maintain long-term performance.
1. Dip it with cotton wool and gently wipe the rubber surface.
2. When there is a partial depression on the rubber surface, it should be soaked with a small piece of cotton wool, and then attached to the depression for a while.