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Nikken ink roller vitamin
Nikken ink roller vitamin
Nikken ink roller vitamin
Product Name:Nikken ink roller vitamin
Product Code:QXL-004
Nikken ink roller vitamin
Ink roller vitamins are used as a special protective agent for the "friction heat" generated when the ink roller is idling, to prevent the ink roller from aging.
Specification: 500ml*20 bottles/box
 Nikon ink roller vitamins specialties:
 1. Most of the ingredients of the ink roller vitamins are based on "soybean oil", which is a safe and environmentally friendly product.
 2. Compared with the previous similar products, it can lower the temperature of the ink roller and effectively prevent the aging caused by frictional heat.
 3. While protecting the ink roller, it restores the original "flexibility" and prolongs the life of the ink roller. In addition, it can also remove the fine foreign matter that penetrates the surface of the ink roller, prevent build-up and enhance ink transfer.
 4. Compared with previous products, the cleaning process after use is simple, and the ink transfer is enhanced, so printing can be started immediately.
 1. To protect the idling ink roller, drop the agent in an appropriate amount and start printing.
 *From one end of the ink roller to the other end, it is better to drip back and forth in a linear shape.
 2. Before the idling unit starts printing. Please use water-soluble cleaning agent to wash out the liquid on the ink roller to maintain good ink application.
 Be aware that the ink roller will slip when used excessively.