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GB effusion
GB effusion
GB effusion
Product Name:GB effusion
Product Code:QXL-002
Specification: 500ml*20 bottles/box
 Feature of effusion from Nikken GB:
 1. Use solvents that are harmless to people and the environment.
 2. It has excellent ability to remove calcification (mirror phenomenon). Due to the special ingredients, it can prevent the formation of calcification (mirror phenomenon) on the ink roller for a long time.
 3. It does not contain abrasive materials and does not damage the ink rollers, especially metal rollers (Cu) and resin rollers, which can be cleaned simply and quickly.
 1. Because this product may stick to the printing plate, be careful not to spill it on the printing plate. When spilled, wash it immediately.
 2. It is volatile. Be sure to close the cap tightly after use.
 1. Clean the ink on the ink roller with detergent.
 2. Take off the ink shovel, use this agent to pour 2-3 lines from one end to the other end of the ink roller.
 3. Let the ink roller idle for 2-5 minutes.
 4. Close the ink shovel and clean it with cleaning agent. In this case, use emulsified cleaning agent for better cleaning effect.
 5. Scrape the cleaning agent with an ink shovel until it is cleaned (GB can clean the ink and pigment deep in the ink roller that is not easy to remove with general cleaning agents at first.)
 6. Please use it when changing the ink color, especially from dark to light and cleaning gold and silver inks. You can surprisingly find its ink removal effect.