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Nikken Yuxing T-02 fountain solution
Nikken Yuxing T-02 fountain solution
Nikken Yuxing T-02 fountain solution
Product Name:Nikken Yuxing T-02 fountain solution
Product Code:RBY-012
Nikken Yuxing T-02 fountain solution ASTRO T-02
Advanced fountain solution, Yuxing T-02 fountain solution is a fountain solution for both alcohol wetting and water roller cover wetting continuous water supply printing machine. It can form a thinner water film without excessive emulsification of the ink. Reduce paper expansion, prevent the layout from getting dirty, and improve the quality of printed matter.
It is a fountain solution specially developed to match China's water quality.
Can be used for soft water-hard water fountain solution.
Use fountain solution concentration 2%-3%,
The alcohol concentration is 5%-10%.
Specification: 20L/barrel
 Features of Nikken Yuxing T-02 fountain solution:
 1. It has a large printing latitude and can maintain a stable printing effect.
 2. It can reduce the amount of water on the page, make the dots and graphic lines clearer, and can reproduce high-density coloring power when the full page is printed.
 3. It has a super hydrophilic effect, which can prevent all kinds of dirt from non-graphic parts.
 4. It will not block the water pipe, enhance the fat-sensing power of the graphic part, and make the printed matter dry quickly.
Classification basis for total hardness of water
JIS standard
Total hardness (ppm)
soft water
Ordinary water Microsoft
                        Slightly hard
hard water
Very hard water
Over 300