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Special Note

Special Note

Date:2015-06-24 17:46

Dear Nikken users:

Please pay attention to the following items when you purchase Niyan products:
1. Our company has no other distributors or partners except the original factory's own sales and the sales of designated agent dealers, and has not opened online sales. Therefore, when you buy Nikken products, please buy from the original factory or designated agent dealers. ;

2. The company has a complete cost and sales price system. The company’s price adjustment and promotion actions are very cautious. The original factory and distributors will make unified arrangements, and there will be no abnormal price reductions for all or part of the products;

3. The company solemnly reminds you that if you find that it is recommended or sold to you through the Internet, SMS, WeChat and other forms of abnormal low-priced Niyan products, it is most likely to be counterfeit and shoddy products. If you cannot confirm that they are indeed the original factory Or designate a sales agent to sell through channels, please do not buy, otherwise it will cause unnecessary property losses to you;

4. The company is actively committed to cracking down on the infringement of counterfeiting and counterfeiting Nikken series products, and we also invite our dear Nikken customers to join hands to support Nikken products as always.


Nikken Printing Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
June 23, 2015